Liv is an Edinburgh based freelance illustrator. She creates fun illustrators for a number of clients including some of the biggest charities and tech companies in the world. As well as the illustrating side she also creates her own products which she wants to sell on her website.

What we did

We produced a fun, colourful website with a continuing SEO programme. Liv is very focused and active on social media channels which has gained her many of her biggest clients. E-Commerce has been implemented

The Process

Liv wanted a website that is all about the imagery. In most creative industries and definitely in as an illustrator, good images will get you work so after initial consultations we went with a three across grid on the home and indefinite length. Functionally Liv wanted to be able to update the website with new content as she produced it and social media sharing was essential. Liv has many thousands of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms and some of her biggest clients, including Snapchat, came through social media.

E-Commerce functionality was also important as Liv creates her own products. It was important initially to incorporate her shop with her Etsy selling account and visibility on the internet is also important so functionality was added to allow this.

Liv Wan Illustration is hosted on our ultra-fast UK based cloud servers and general Search Engine Optimisation has been implemented throughout the website. 

Responsive Design

Liv Wan Illustration has been optimised for a large range of devices from desktop computers, laptops, ipads and mobile phones.

UX Design

An online shopping cart is an increasing priority for Liv. She’s traded on Etsy for several years and is selling more products every year but they take quite a large cut from the money you make. So with this, we set about creating a shopping system on her website.


What we did

  Website Design & Development
  Website Hosting
  Social Media Setup & Advertising
  Logo design

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