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Create your online visual brand identity

Combine the right logos and imagery with the best fonts and typography



Graphic design is essentially the process of visual communication through the use of typography, colours, imagery and space. For the team at Joyful Original, graphic design for websites is made up of 4 main factors; logos, graphics, typography and fonts used. A combination of professionally looking elements laid out on a beautiful and functional website will give your website a premium feel.

LOGOS – Logos should really be as simply as possible. When creating a logo, simplicity is often the best route. If you try to cram as much information as possible into a logo it will look cluttered and unprofessional

FONTS – Fonts should reflect your style of business. If you have a fun website, use a slightly more fun font but if you’re more corporate, go for a more serious font. Your fonts should blend perfectly with your logo and graphics and give an overall cohesion to your website.

Why Us

Why should you use Joyful Original for your Graphic Design needs

Quite simply because we are passionate about design. It might sound like a cliche but our owners Chris and Liv come from design backgrounds. Chris has worked as a professional photographer for over a decade and Liv has been an illustrator and designer for just under a decade. Presentation is everything for us and this is why we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Get Your Essential Services Consultation

With our free essential services consutation, we can discuss how we can help your business online and your website secure and looking great. From server updates to content management, we can help with everything you need to keep your website online 24/7.

You can call 07557 732773 during office hours to speak to an expert or fill out our contact form for more information.


At Joyful Original we believe professional imagery whether it be photography or illustrations are key to creating impressive looking websites. People visiting your website will often take notice of your website’s photos so it’s key that they have a wow factor, that they really pop out. Graphics are equally as important and should relate to the brand you are representing.

We like graphics that are bold and colourful and equally we love photography that is colourful and sharp. Everything should be combined in a coherent manner that will really sell your business.

We offer various graphic design services with pricing starting at just £160 + VAT for a custom logo. Other graphics can be created for your website but we charge for graphics based on time it takes to complete with our prices starting at £80 + VAT per hour. If you wish to include graphic design in your new website design, our website design pricing page will give you a rough starting price.

Please contact us anytime to discuss any graphic design related projects you may have.



Consult on what you want and need for your website. Discuss styles, fonts, colours.


Produce initial sketches for your graphics. We start with rough sketches then we’ll mock something up and finally build it.


Optimise your graphics and graphic design for your website, code it in and it’s good to go.

Other Services


Professional quality photography will really help your business to stand out. Think about when you go on a website, if you see low quality photography do you stay, very likely not. It’s the same for your business.


If your business sells products we can setup a fully functional online shop. From beautifully presented products to inventory, shipping and tax management and with popular payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe integration.


Beautiful fully functional websites that can include e-commerce. We use WordPress for our website which allows you to update content on your website yourself if you wish to. Our websites will completely compliment your business.