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Joyful Weddings


Joyful Weddings is an Edinburgh based wedding photography company. They specialise in less formal and more fun weddings. Joyful Weddings have photographed around 300 weddings in multiple venues around Scotland.


What we did

We designed and developed a fun, colourful website with a continuing SEO programme. Joyful Original do some social media campaigning.

The Process

Chris at Joyful Weddings wanted a less traditional wedding website. Most wedding websites tend to have the same kind of look with whimsical texts, pretentious third person writing and heavily photoshopped images. Chris’ photos are all about people enjoying themselves on the big day as well as lots of couple photos, so the website was built to reflect this.

Functionally Chris needs to be able to update content on the website himself and sharing new weddings on social media is essential.

Joyful Weddings is hosted on our ultra-fast UK based cloud servers and general Search Engine Optimisation has been implemented throughout the website.

Responsive Design

Joyful Weddings has been optimised for a large range of devices from desktop computers, laptops, iPads and mobile phones.

joyful weddings

UX Design

Joyful Weddings’ website is all about bold colours and the photography. They really didn’t want to go down the traditional wedding photography website route so we created this website with fun texts and big imagery that really makes it stand out.

joyful weddings


What we did

  Website Design & Development
  Website Hosting
  Social Media Setup & Advertising
  Logo design

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