BNB Media is an Edinburgh based property photography company. Edinburgh has in the region of 7000 properties that are listed on AirBNB along so BNB Media found a way into that market and has photographed literally hundreds of properties associated with AirBNB.

What we did

We created a website that is essentially a portfolio of property photographs. Photography is all about beautiful images, which BNB Media really do produce so they only wanted a straightforward website that will showcase their work.

The Process

We created a website that is all about the imagery on the site. 

Liv Wan Illustration is hosted on our ultra-fast UK based cloud servers and general Search Engine Optimisation has been implemented throughout the website. 

Responsive Design

BNB Media has been optimised for a large range of devices from desktop computers, laptops, ipads and mobile phones.


What we did

  Website Design & Development
  Website Hosting
  Social Media Setup & Advertising
  Logo design

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