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Egg Wans Food Odyssey


Liv, of Egg Wans Food Odyssey, is a returning customer of ours. Not only does she have Liv Wan lllustration, in her previous career she worked as a chef. In her approximate decade of working as a chef, she worked at top local restaurants and published several cookbooks. This website is a collection of her favourite recipes both old and new.

What we did

We produced a website that is entirely a showcase for the food Liv cooks. Food should be colourful and look like you actually want to eat it so we made the websie bright to compliment the colourful food. We implemented Chicory so she can make money when people buy ingredients as well as a full SEO and social media strategy.

The Process

Liv wanted a website that is a showcase for the food she cooks. She likes bright websites so first of all we implemented a random-loading showcase at the top of the website for different favourite recipes she has made.

The home page features favourite restaurants and her latest recipes. There are custom category pages so if you select a certain food type, say “Chinese” it will present all of her recipes for that category and there are 404 and privacy policy pages implemented.

Liv is just returning to this website, hence the redesign, after several years of not updating it. She has been busy with Liv Wan Illustration and also a young child. Prior to stopping she had roughly 1000 followers on Facebook but no Instagram which has now been setup and is organically gaining customers.

Each recipe has a custom menu card from which with a click of a button viewers can buy ingredients from a range of sources. This only applies to the USA at the moment but allows a small source of revenue. Eventually once Liv starts updating her website on a regular basis further means of generating revenue, whether it be through advertising on-site or trying to sell cookbooks or recipe cards will be implemented.

This is a really fun ongoing project.


Responsive Design

Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey has been optimised for a large range of devices from desktop computers, laptops, ipads and mobile phones.

UX Design

It was important to give the website a clean look that focuses on the food. There are literally thousands of food blogging websites out there and many look cluttered. Liv Wan Illustration gives you facts and information but is all about the food.


What we did

  Website Design & Development
  Website Hosting
  Social Media Setup & Advertising
  Logo design

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