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Cornerstone Centre at St John’s Church


The Cornerstone Centre is a several million pound redevelopment of part of St Johns Church in central Edinburgh. They took an old hall that was used extensively by a number of different groups and communities and made it very modern. Our task was to document the redevelopment over a several year period then create a website for the site.

What we did

Three years of timelapse photography from multiple locations. We designed and developed a website that would reflect their centre. The Cornerstone Centre is all about the community so the website is night and bright.

The Process

We have been working on projects with both St Johns and the Cornerstone Centre in some form or other for over 10 years so it was a natural progression when they green lighted the Cornerstone Centre and asked if we could be available to photograph parts of the build. We of course absolutely love photography and we love big projects so over the course of nearly 3 years we took multiple photos from the same spots and stitched them together (you can view below).

At the same point we also discussed the possibility of building a website for the Cornerstone Centre so we drew sketches at the initial meeting, these were given the green light then we built wireframes and the final website.

The website at present reflects the build project and will be redeveloped again by ourselves in due course.

Responsive Design

Cornerstone Centre has been optimised for a large range of devices from desktop computers, laptops, iPads and mobile phones.

UX Design

The Cornerstone Centre website focus on the people that use it and the building itself in both when it was being built and once it was finished, so the design of the site was kept quite simple. As mentioned above the website will be going through a total redevelopment in 2020 so the design may be quite different depending on what they now want from it.


What we did

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