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Liv Wan is a talented Edinburgh based illustrator. She creates fun, colourful, happy illustrators and works with one of the leading tech companies in the world, Snapchat, as well as with a number of high profile companies and charities not just in Edinburgh, but all over the world.

As well as creating illustrations for clients she also produces her own products ranging from prints and postcards, to jigsaw puzzles and mugs.

What She Wanted

As with anyone working within the creative industries, she wanted the website to focus entirely on her imagery. As soon as the website loads, she wanted people to be able to see a wide range of her work.

Social media is also imperative to her, namely on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

E-Commerce is also a major thing. Liv makes her own products and using common seller platforms is important but even more so is the ability to sell products on her website.

UX Design

On any website, the single most important page is the home page. This is the first page your visitors will see on your website so on the homepage it’s all imagery. We created a showcase for different projects she has worked on. Everything has been optimised for all popular device sizes; desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.


We set up full WooCommerce functionality on Liv’s website. Visitors are able to purchase products with multiple options on her website.

A Royal Mail API was set up which allows shoppers to view Royal Mail’s actual shipping costs based upon their location. Her shop also feeds directly onto Facebook and Instagram’s platforms which allows visitors to purchase products via her social media. This is something we’re especially proud to have set up.

liv wan illustration instagram

Other Factors

Liv’s website is hosted on our state-of-the-art cloud web servers and runs extremely quickly.

To date Liv has sold around 1000 products, has 7427 Instagram followers and continues to do extremely well with her business.

You can visit Liv’s website at Liv Wan Illustration


What we did

  Website Design & Development
  Website Hosting
  Social Media Setup & Advertising
  Logo design
  WooCommerce E-Commerce
Instagram & Facebook Shopping

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